Liquid Footprints

The Journey

The journey to a life of peace, the practice of Zen, is lifelong. This blog chronicles one man’s walk through life’s garden.

I consider myself a Christian Buddhist. I grew up as part of the Church of Christ. I always felt out of place and uncomfortable with the church’s structure. My biblical studies led me to doubt the church’s suppositions that it is the “One True Church.” I’ve long been drawn to Buddhist thinking even before I discovered Zen.

I discovered Zen and Buddhism during a personal crisis. I was deep in depression after a series of deaths and other problems. God was seemingly silent. Discovering the Buddha’s thoughts led me to discard what I thought I knew about Christianity and re-examine what Jesus taught. I didn’t know how little I really knew about Christianity.

The Buddha and Jesus taught the same thing: compassion.

I started this blog to illustrate where Buddhism and Christianity meet. The lily and the lotus both have beauty to share.

I meander and even wax political, but always I return to the crossroads of Buddhism and Christianity.

Come, dear reader, walk with me and share your insight.