Liquid Footprints

Simplifying a Busy Life

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With classes for my Master’s degree starting in just a few weeks and feeling pressed for time, I’ve decided to stop posting to this blog for awhile. Perhaps even permanently. I am also taking down my retro-gaming blog, Gamemories, when the domain subscription expires.

Both blogs were enjoyable for a time, but now feel like work. I look toward each weekly update as a chore to do. I’ve lost my passion for these formats. As soon as blogging feels like work, it is time to throw in the towel. Forcing out a poor post does little but clutter the internet with more nonsense.

It’s been fun, but it is time to call it quits and focus on my artistic pursuits and degree.

May Peace always walk with you.


Author: Chris

Wanders the world of Japanese culture and library nerdiness.

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