Liquid Footprints

Connecticut Shooting, the Seeds We Planted.

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God not allowed in schoolsI’ve heard a lot of nonsense over the last few days about how God wasn’t at the Newtown elementary school during Adam Lanza’s rampage. Rubbish! God was there, and in fact He is allowed in schools. Students may pray or read the Bible, Koran, Dharmapada, Torah, or any other religious text. The school is just not allowed to promote a particular religious view point; teachers must be neutral. But I digress.

He was in the acts of the teachers as they shielded the kids at the expense of their own lives. He was in the efforts of the teachers and kids as they tried to comfort the dying and each other. He was even with the shooter. God is within all of us at all times.

But why does He allow such bad things to happen?

God created a self correcting universe, driven by cause and effect. Bad things happen because we sow the seeds. Just because we face the consequences of our actions doesn’t mean He isn’t present or doesn’t care. How many warnings have we had in America about the seeds we are sowing? Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Sikh Temple, and many others are all symptoms of a deeper society problem. One we ignore and try to legislate over with gun or security laws. We always address the symptoms instead of the disease.

This isn’t even about God not being present in American society. He is always present. The disease is the American society as it is currently structured. We lack a sense of community, of family, and of satisfaction with life. We are encouraged to be egotistical and materialistic. We work too long hours for very little wage instead of spending time pursing the things in life that matter: friends, family, hobbies, interests, the arts, and learning. We have little sense of community.

If we had more less financial stress and less a focus on materialism, we could have more time to spend with neighbors, friends, family, and other people. We need to encourage pursuit of the arts, hobbies, and learning just because those things create satisfaction and joy. Strong ties to the community and friends/family are stronger than any gun control law. A life with a sense of fulfillment and based in compassion will not have as much interest in violent media. A life set up in an environment where compassion was the rule will not kill others.. A life that has a loving community around them will be less likely to kill children in a school. At the least, a closely knit community will be able to notice something is wrong.
We need to  stop listening to the siren’s song of materialism and the idolatry of work. God will allow them to happen because He wants us to learn from our mistakes. Until American society as a whole changes, we will continue to see such violent events.

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