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Too Much Christ in Christmas

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Open Christmas Day

Open Christmas Day

A lot of people lament how Christ isn’t much of a part of Christmas anymore.  The fears and martyr complex are unwarranted. Christmas is a material holiday that isn’t going to change; it is too vital a part of the economy to not  be material.  It is the holiday that generates the most profit. Christmas is more about Santa Claus than Christ.

Because of the materialist focus, I doubt Jesus would want to be associated with Christmas. Sure, Americans give a lot to the Salvation Army and other charities. However, how much is given in relation to the value of the items in their shopping carts? Okay, we are giving to our family members and not buying for ourselves at least.

Blessed are the hungry, the poor, and the weak. Christmas today celebrates nothing of what Jesus stood for. Certainly there is the facade, but at the core it is all about the economy. It is a time to spend with family, certainly, for those lucky enough not to have to work department stores that remain open.

Should Christmas return its focus on Jesus’ birth? It isn’t going to happen, and no, it shouldn’t. The message of His life is more important than His birth; the Christmas story is not a product of historical fact anyway.

It sounds like I am against Christmas. I am soured to it, but not against it. I dislike the materialism and the role it plays in the economy.  However, I realize it isn’t going to change…unless there is a grass roots shift in our thinking.

  1. We need to stop buying gifts and instead give to to the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and local charities.
  2. We need to stop working and spend time with family: with or without a huge meal.
  3. We need to not think of Jesus on this season, but think on His message every moment. More importantly we need to practice.

It isn’t wrong to want to buy gifts for family members. What is wrong is the feeling of obligation this season creates. We shouldn’t have a reason to give gifts.

Until we start doing these things collectively as Christians, there is too much Christ in Christmas.  He shouldn’t be associated with materialism.



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