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Imminent Rapture

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Lately a lot of people around here are talking about the Rapture coming soon. Most of it is because they are discontent with the outcome of the recent presidential election here in the States. This talk also starts up whenever Israel and Palestine renew their endless conflict. In any case, I don’t believe in the Rapture. I don’t see it in the Scripture, and it strikes me as an extremely self centered doctrine. Historically speaking, it is a modern doctrine. It didn’t appear in the form people think of until the 19th century.

The people who speak of the Rapture talk about how they can’t wait to be free and leave everything behind. They assume they are among those who will be raptured. I haven’t ran across one believer yet who thinks they will be left behind when they speak seriously about it.

The Rapture strikes me as selfish because a good Christian will want to remain behind to help people during the trials the doctrine luridly illustrates.  Jesus did everything He could to help those desperate and in need. Jesus would want to be left behind so He could seek and save the lost. So too should Christians want to be left behind. A good friend of mine even swore an oath to God that if the Rapture would happen he will stay behind to help people if it would happen in his lifetime.

Those people who speak so passionately about the Rapture are those who would end up being left behind because of their ego-centric views and their desire that people get their “just” punishment. I don’t see anyone deserving of the horrors the doctrine describes as happening. The purpose is supposedly to help people change, but compassion rather than violence is a better method to help people refocus their life. Violence only breeds more violence.

In any case, too many people have a very ego-centric, they-will-get-theirs view of Christianity. It is unfortunate a belief system that has compassion at its heart has been obscured to a small, irrational, and even hateful seed within the minds of many people.


Author: Chris

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