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Considering Abraham and Isaac

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I’ve been too busy lately with a lot going on in my personal life. But I finally have a moment to post a little something:

You know the story of Abraham and Isaac? God tells Abraham to take Isaac up to an altar and sacrifice him. Abraham, despite obviously being torn as a father, does what he believes he is told. As the story goes, an angel stops Abraham at the last moment. God was only testing his faith.

The story can be viewed as a test of faith – Abraham believes so deeply that he will kill his only son. It can also be viewed as a story that sets the Israelites separate from other people; God doesn’t want or require human sacrifice.

On the deepest level, the story is about a believer becoming faithful; of a man who adheres to doctrine becoming spiritual.  Abraham went up the mountain a believer; he returned deeply faithful. He was, by all definitions, a fundamentalist, but at the last moment he realized God wouldn’t want a human sacrifice. God is love and not command or doctrine. Abraham learned that blindly following doctrine and beliefs is foolish when it goes against God’s nature. He left the mountain a spiritual man. Isaac too learned the difference between doctrine and spirituality.

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