Liquid Footprints

The Elephant We Ignore

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Periodically life reminds us of a few things. Namely, she makes us look at the elephant we ignore: impermanence.

Recently I lost my maternal grandfather. While I don’t ignore the elephant, I don’t necessarily consider her either. I feel time ticking by; every moment that passes is a moment of my life forever gone. Yet, still I squander it with entertainment and other fruitless things. My grandfather’s death underscores the passage of time.

It is my lack of mindfulness that bothers me most when I lose a loved one. I too will join them soon enough; so will all those dear to me: parents, siblings, friends, girlfriend, and finally myself. It is very easy to let time pass without holding it briefly with love and awareness before letting it flutter away.

I had many plans, but few of them had much fruit. I grow frustrated, and then Zen reminds me that my expectations are the source of my frustration. Hold onto the moment while it is alive and let it go.  Life simply is. There is no where to go. There is nothing else to be. There is nothing to do except breathe and smile.

There is no where to be other than here, now.

Author: Chris

Wanders the world of Japanese culture and library nerdiness.

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