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Legalism : A Self Reflection

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After reading an excellent short book called Free in Christ that examines the problems of legalism, I realized that despite making progress I am still very legalistic in my approach.

Legalism turns a Christian into a lawyer instead of a lover of Christ. I spend much of my time shifting the Scripture for evidence that this or that is so. Such as my post that examines the Lord’s Supper. While I am becoming more loving, I still have a tendency to try to prove something is right or wrong . I have much growing to do as a Christian. Ironically, it was Zen Buddhism that started to get me away from legalism and continues to act as the best tool against it. It is pointing toward Christ’s principles of love, compassion, and encouraging me to look into more writings like Free in Christ.

Several thoughts related toFree in Christ:

  • The Lord’s Supper has no specific days or times associated with it; it is encouraging to see I am not the only one who sees this in Scripture.
  • Worship is an every moment practice. Going to worship services is completely unnecessary outside of fellowship and edification for those who need it. Relegating worship to just a handful of hours isn’t a good Christian practice.
  • God isn’t a God of Quibbles.  What matters is worshiping with right motivation: love.
  • It is okay that I have problems gathering in a traditional church. There isn’t anything un-scriptural with a small house congregation or a large church. It is okay that I loathe singing and prefer to show my love for God through silent meditation and appreciation for His creation.  For me, singing is rarely a work of joy. My expression of joy and worship is done through pencil and paper, or paint and canvas.

Considering my thoughts, I have a long journey to become more loving, less legalistic, and less judgmental. Luckily Jesus forgives us for our short comings as we strive to look beyond the finger and to the heavens.


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