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What’s so wrong with evolution anyway?

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I’ve seen many churches expend a lot of energy and time trying to discredit the theory of evolution. Time that is better used helping people considering all the economic problems we are having.

I understand that fundamentalist belief hinges on Genesis being literally true versus allegorically true. However, there are many problems with this. The Earth is ancient. This is backed by many different methods of dating…The dating techniques work since many modern things from GPS to communications rely on the same theories. Satellites work rather well! We can attack the methods, but since they underpin a lot of the technology they use, they obviously work.

So, like I used to think, we could say God created the Earth to look old, and He created all the forms of animals at once. This runs into several problems. First, making the Earth ancient looking makes God a liar. Why make a world that is ancient looking to make it harder for us “doubting Thomas” types? Also the evidence is far too strong against all animal forms being made at once.

Besides, holding onto traditional creationism places mankind above everything on earth. While accepting evolution places man as a part of everything on earth instead of separate. Such a view nails home our responsibility to our home planet since we are a product of her.

I believe God is a programmer and not a watch maker. There isn’t any reason for Him not to use something like evolution to make a sentient being capable of loving and coming to know Him.

Viewing God as a programmer is a wide scale view of life and the potential He gives all sentient life to become awakened and know Him.

The Bible is a finger pointing to the moon. We spend a lot of time staring at the finger instead of looking where it is pointing. Constantly disputing evolution and other ideas is a poor use of time. Rather we should follow the finger and focus on helping people and cultivating compassion.

Author: Chris

Wanders the world of Japanese culture and library nerdiness.

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