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Fall LeavesIt’s now a cliche. One we often hear, but also one we don’t follow. We’ve all heard the saying: “Live like today is your last day. One day will be your last.”

Just the other day the cliche really hit home. I was writing in my sketchjournal about the day. It was my day off work. I spent it with my girlfriend and my hobbies. It was also a beautiful day. I asked myself on the page: if today was my last day, would I die content and happy? The answer that day: yes.

Of course, it’s easy to say that after such a good day. I told my girlfriend how important our friendship is to me. I played my favorite video games. I had success with painting and my other projects. I watered and cared for my growing bonsai. It was an excellent day. However, such days seem so rare. Too often I waste my time working and fretting. I am filled with social anxiety, thoughtlessness, and harried feelings when I can’t spend time on my passions. I go to sleep unfulfilled.

Each day is a lifetime. We are born each morning and die each night. I know I waste these daily lives. Do you? Looking at each day this way really helps me keep perspective. A full life isn’t work or material things. A full life is how you enjoy each hour. It is found in a friend’s smile and in the hug of family members. It is found in watering a flower and in a good meal. It is found in a cup of tea near our nightly death.

We can live any day with contentment and fully if we keep perspective. Some days are just harder lifetimes than others to do so. In forced social situations, for example, I have a hard time keeping perspective.

Small things are where we find contentment and fullness. Hobbies and loved ones are the most important things we can spend our daily lives on. It helps, as we near our nightly death, to list all the wonderful things we have seen and experienced. There is always something wonderful around us. It can be the beauty of autumn leaves dancing on the rain or just a lovely cup of tea. Remind yourself of the people you brightened that day. If nothing else, smile to yourself. It is good to die with a smile in the heart.

So tonight, as you lay to sleep and eternally put Today to rest, breathe, smile, and ask yourself: ” If today is my last, was it full? ” If not, then promise yourself that you will live fully from that very moment. That promise alone makes a full and good day.

Author: Chris

Wanders the world of Japanese culture and library nerdiness.

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