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It seems many misunderstand me with my posts. Not all, mind you, but enough. I do spend a lot of time disparaging aspects of Christianity. That is only because I care deeply for it. We cannot change anything without acknowledging the problems. My foray into Zen meditation and thinking has greatly enhanced my Christian faith..oddly enough.Buddhism’s focus on mindfulness and compassion allowed me to see the same messages in Christianity with new eyes.

Yes, I still don’t feel comfortable attending modern worship services. They lack the solitude and silence I need. Perhaps if Christianity returned to the original worship method (a dinner with friends and family who believe) I could worship with the group again. Until then, I will continue to worship in privacy and quiet.

I’ve been told I need to have more faith and not rely on my own knowledge. Faith without knowledge is dangerous. Knowledge stops you from believing in anything that simply makes you feel well. I have faith. I firmly believe we can know what God wants us to know if we study the Scriptures within their context (this is where archaeology is vital) and not with a mere literal or surface reading. We cannot take the Bible on face value. To do so is to miss the deeper messages and not think critically enough. Science reveals a universe that is extremely complex. It is only logical to think its Creator is even more complex…yet still knowable. What Father doesn’t want their child to understand and know Him?

It is only right to learn as much as I can about something I dedicate my life to following. I seek to only follow the Way of Compassion.

Author: Chris

Wanders the world of Japanese culture and library nerdiness.

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