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That was How Long Ago?!

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It’s striking how age catches up with you. The other day I was watching one of my favorite shows on DVD. The copyright date: 2004. The show was made 6 years ago! I don’t know where the time goes. It only gets worse when I revisit my favorite video games. Copyright 1995?! That was 15 years ago! I am staring at the end of my 20’s far too quickly.  Funny how the cartoons I grew up with are considered “classics” now.  So I was thinking to myself: what will kids be missing out? What will I have experienced that they may never even hear about? So I guess you can call this my nostalgia list:

…play a video game that actually told  a story.

…playing Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, and Zelda: A Link to the Past on the Super Nintendo

…blow into a game cartridge to make it work.

…listen to a cassette in a car or Walkman

…listen to a 45 or even know what a 45 is.

…play Oregon Trail on an Apple II

…not have the Internet

…use computers who specifications were measured in megahertz and megabytes

…not owning a cell phone

…spending hours in the library, not on a computer either

…listening to an entire CD in order

…family night on Friday nights watching Family Matters, Full House, and other innocently bad shows

…global warming wasn’t a known fact

…driving and riding in boxy cars

…Osama bin Laden was completely unknown

…knowing the USSR had just collapsed…or even what the USSR was

…Walmart was just a small business among many small businesses. Kmart was the place to go

…department stores and grocery stores were 2 different stores.

…shooting games without space marines

…spending their allowance at the arcade in an afternoon

…penny candy

…buying a king sized candy bar for only 50 cents

…Lego buckets and sets without movie themes. Those buckets of assorted bricks were fun.

…playing with toys that didn’t need batteries or electricity

…playing the original Nintendo (the gray box version)

…watching television without cable

…watching and playing Nintendo on a small black and white television

…grocery carry out service

…clerks pumping your gas

…Windows 95…heck Windows 3.11, MS-DOS

…having only 30 cable tv channels

…using dial-up

…never seen the original Power Rangers, Voltron, Gi-Joe, or Transformers tv shows

…never seen Thundercats, Captain Planet, or Saturday morning cartoons

…don’t remember when Pokemon was a craze and there were only 151 of them

…never fought with a grandmother over a Tickle Me Elmo at Christmas

…never even heard about Mystery Science Theater (it needs a comeback!)

…remembering the first Gulf War

…remember clearly 9-11 (I was driving to my college classes that day on a straight road next to a corn field and a gravel mine)

…Britney Spears as a teenager

…the only home design shows were on PBS: This Old House and Yankee Workshop

…going to drive thru movies

…seeing $2 movies in GASP! 2D

…Mortal Kombat was the goriest game and sparked controversy.

…taunted by the Duck Hunt dog and holding the Zapper against the tv screen to shoot it.

…watching new episodes of The Joy of Painting

I am sure there are many others I will think of later.  I wrote a longer list in my mind at work, but lost it somewhere in my cluttered mental desk. It’s rather amazing how things change.

Author: Chris

Wanders the world of Japanese culture and library nerdiness.

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