Liquid Footprints

Porch Zen

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Quiet autumn breeze caress

Rocking chair creaking

Hot tea sipping.

Warm cat sleeping.

We don’t always have to do something to be happy. Just taking a moment to enjoy the sounds of a small town while sipping tea and rocking a cat in a rocking chair is enough to remind me I am alive.  Watching the seasons turn from summer to fall is practicing zen. Just being on the porch without any concerns is zen. Zen isn’t mystical or religious. It is just being in the moment with your full awareness. I was tempted to listen to my iPod today, but opted to just sketch and enjoy the slowly falling leaves.  Just sitting on a porch is beautiful. No music but the sounds of life. Nothing to do unless I choose to do it.

It does everyone well to take a few moments to do nothing but sit and watch the world. We fill every moment with noise and entertainment and work. We miss what life really is. Life is found in a leaf falling to the ground after a job well done. Life is found in the leaf returning to the tree’s roots. The wind carries the sounds of children and lawnmowers. A clear mind that just exists in the present is quite a wonderful thing.

Have you sat on your porch recently?

Author: Chris

Wanders the world of Japanese culture and library nerdiness.

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