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As I sit and write this I am feeling decidedly unwell. It is interesting how we fail to notice statuses and situations until they are gone. Health is a good example. When we are well, we rarely think much of feeling well.  When we are feeling ill, feeling ill is often foremost on our minds. What brings things to attention is how negative we label them. It is certainly negative that you or I feel ill. That is why it is square in the middle of our current experience of life. It is unfortunate that negative or uncomfortable feelings are necessary for us to notice life.

We tend to notice things that are out of sorts from the norm. We are inattentive to ordinary life and the people around us unless they draw our attention through negative events. Our inattention is a passive state of mind. Right now my mind is actively paying attention to my discomfort. When I am feeling well, my mind is passive. This ought not to be so. Inattention to the needs of others and ourselves inevitably causes us to hurt others and ourselves. We need to be proactive and attentive to what goes on around us. Certainly, I could have done a few things to prevent my current discomfort. I was inattentive to the small prophecies.When we don’t pay attention we tend to be clumsy and walk on toes. Just a single inattentive word can cause someone to suffer.  Just a single thoughtless action can hurt someone.

It certainly is hard to remain attentive. I wasn’t attentive to the warnings my body gave me over the last few days. Now, I am paying the due.  Attentiveness is a necessary ingredient to good relationships with everyone around us and ourselves. Every action has a consequence. Even non-action is an action with effects. The trick is remaining proactive and aware of how our actions can hurt ourselves or others.  It is better to be proactive than reactive.  An apology is a poor way to handle an effect you could have prevented if you were attentive. Whether it is health, finances or relationships, pay attention. Most negative (and positive) events have foreshadowing. It is best to be preventative than trash the broken pieces of your health, money, or friendship. Of course, be easy on yourself. You are only human and can’t foresee everything. Just be as attentive as you can be, and you will find yourself appreciating things deeply before they are gone for a time.

Author: Chris

Wanders the world of Japanese culture and library nerdiness.

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