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Role of Emotions

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Emotions are part of being human. It is wrong to go to either extreme. Denying emotion is to deny your humanity. Indulging in emotion is to be carried by their every whim. Better to find a balance. Emotions tell us when something is wrong or excellent. They provide a punishment and reward system but shouldn’t be looked to for the basis of decision making. Decisions based on emotion alone are poor decisions. Reason is the catalyst for decision and behavior. Emotions only serve to temper cold reason.

Negative emotions tell us something is wrong. For example, the last few days at work have driven me to irritation and even mild anger. These negative emotions tell me I need to step away from people and recharge. I am an introvert. By my nature I must have time alone in the quiet to be healthy. Anger and irritation toward people are old friends telling me to take quiet time alone.

Emotions are unruly critters. That is why decisions based solely on them are poor. They often change and are unreliable. Basing marriage and other relationships decisions on hormonal emotions is foolish when looking for long term relationships. Only reason and a firm mutual decision by both people lead to long term relationships. Emotions such as lust, love, and other feel good feelings only reinforce the mutual decision. Chemistry will eventually fade after all.

Unfortunately that is all the thoughts I have for the moment. It has been a long work-weekend. I need to take a few days to recharge lest Anger becomes unruly. It is usually best to take a moment to reflect on why am emotion is thus. Usually the act of reflection will immediately tell you the course of action you need to take.

Author: Chris

Wanders the world of Japanese culture and library nerdiness.

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