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Cellular Distraction

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Everywhere you look it seems people have a cell phone grafted to their ear. People talk to themselves while they drive, checkout, and even eat at a restaurant. Yeah, I have a cell phone too, but I only use it for texting and the rare call to a friend. I also never answer it when I am speaking with someone. It is just rude.

Ok, this sounds like a typical rant against cell phones, but there is a larger problem with these cyborg implants. The constant cell phone use shuts us off from the people that surround us in a given moment.

Cell phones create a shell around us that excludes everyone else. Although a person is talking, they are not being social. This shell can lead people to only associate with their circle. It is hard for others to enter that space. Cell phones can prevent us from meeting new people, or even a love, in a store checkout. Most romantic relationships seem to happen by chance encounters. However, people must be open to these encounters. Not to mention constant cell phone chatter preempt a person’s opportunity to show kindness to those near us. In many regards, grafted cell phones are narcissistic. The speaker is absorbed in their own world and disregard the people around them.

Cell phones can cause drama. When people are always connected they tend to rub each other raw at times. The constant connection we have with each other prevents us from taking breaks from disagreements or other factors that can lead to conflict. Breathing room is necessary to resolve disputes, but we can’t get that when people are just an impulsive call or text away.  Once said, words cannot be taken back. Once sent, text can be damaging.

The more you talk, the less you say. Words have meaning only because of the silence that defines them.

Remember, cell phones are only tools. Cell phones are great, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy keeping in touch with people using mine. However, I don’t have my grafted to my body as many people seem to. They just need to be used less impulsively. It is okay to disconnect from people. In fact, it is preferable to keeping connected too much.  People need time away from each other. Space is necessary for healthy relationships.

Don’t answer your cell phone when you drive. It is irresponsible to create such a risk to others.Don’t answer your cell phone when you are in stores. Be open to the people around you. Perhaps you will meet your future spouse or a new friend. Perhaps you can help someone with a problem.

Just be aware of life in the current moment. You can’t be fully aware chattering on the implant on your ear.

Author: Chris

Wanders the world of Japanese culture and library nerdiness.

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