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“It changed my life!”

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Just how many toenail clippers, cereals, and shirts can change someone’s life?  Every product anymore advertises to be a life changer when we consume it.  In America we live with extremes. We have left and right politics. We have people who try to buy themselves into the “counter” culture. You can buy your way into to people who are different just like you. (Apparently you are not so different then?). Just about every news event is a disaster or a catastrophe. People who have a bad day use the abbreviation FML (Fuck My Life) to sum up just how “terrible” it was to stub their toe and not get an order of fries with their fast food burger.

People use extreme language to describe the mundane. What words are left for the truly terrible or truly wonderful?  We cry “Awesome!” for good. We curse and splutter over small things that barely warrant attention. Swearing has lost all it’s meaning and impact because of its frequency. It has all joined the noisy, meaningless chatter that fills modern life.

Our extreme language denotes our extreme thinking. Everything must be white or black, good or bad, awesome or FML.  An event can’t simply be an event.  With such thinking is it a surprise that people are unhappy and often disappointed? Our thoughts determine our mood. We set our expectations too high about something as mundane as a twinkie. Certainly this language and thinking leaves little room for truly joyous events or for true sorrow.

I rarely curse. When I do it grabs people’s attention. They know something is truly wrong. I also rarely use extremely positive words. When I do, people know I am truly happy for them. Meaning is found in our silence. As people and advertisers get louder and more extreme, they lose their ability to convey their message.  The more a word is used, the less meaning it holds.  Likewise with our thinking. Language is a direct link to thought. Undisciplined use of language shows an undisciplined mind. Continual chatter just makes people tune you out. If you want to be heard, speak less.

There is a limit to how extreme language can be taken. We are approaching that limit. In gaming, people are “godly” players. Possessions can be “epic.”  Words are quickly becoming devoid of true meaning. In a way we are all liars. We just exaggerate things too much and say far too little with our many words. I don’t find it surprising that people have more trouble communicating well in our world of constant text and gibberish.

  • Think about your words and the thoughts behind them.
  • Consider why it is difficult it is for you to convey your feelings and thoughts despite how much text you type or words your speak.
  • Moderate your words. Don’t use extreme language to describe the trite. It is okay for daily life to be trite and mundane. Would we really want to “change our lives” with every commercial break on television?
  • Above all, be silent to be heard.

Author: Chris

Wanders the world of Japanese culture and library nerdiness.

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