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World’s End Garden

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Within the mind is a garden of seeds

That spring when watered by actions

What are you watering?

World's End GardenWhat we consume and think defines who we are. The concept seems simple but think on it.  If we act angry and harbor angry thoughts, we become angry people. If we act with forgiveness and compassion, we become forgiving and compassionate people.  The more we water a seed the stronger it grows within the mind. Like a plant it chokes its competition until it becomes a forest.  A thought quickly becomes an action, and actions quickly become character.

This should be encouraging. It means we can change ourselves just by being aware of our thoughts and behavior and cultivating the ones we want.

However, we also have to watch what we consume. We are awash in entertainment that distorts our views of relationships. The Lifetime network features unrealistic relationships where either the guy is an abuser or adulterer, or he is “perfect.” The Internet is infested with porn, and its unrealistic body expectations and behavior. Granted, we may know these and other entertainment formats are not real. However, repeated exposure waters seeds in the mind and corrupts otherwise good thinking. I Repeated exposure to such polluted waters as most media pander can corrupt a saint. The only recourse is to limit our exposure to messages that undermine the people we want to become.

In relationships, people act as we treat them. If a guy thinks women are bitches, he will consciously and unconsciously treat them that way. Is it no surprise that they act exactly as he expects? If a woman views guys as dogs, she will consciously and unconsciously treat them that way. She shouldn’t be surprised when they act as she expects.

The world ends in the mind. We each carry around filters that define what we consider reality. How we view the world depends on those filters. Is shouldn’t be a surprise that people with negative filters cannot relate to people. Relationships require forgiveness, patience, compassion, and selflessness. Any mind that lacks a forest of these seeds will fail in establishing solid life-long relationships.

Consider your own garden. What plants fill it? Consider the media you consume. Are you obese on fantasy, political/religious propaganda, or the glossy magazines?

A healthy world’s end garden is aware of the plants it contains. It is aware of the quality of the waters that feed the plants. Once a realistic inventory is taken, we can make steps to change the garden.  It takes surprisingly little time to grow the plants of forgiveness, patience, and compassion. they are the indigenous flowers of the human mind.

Author: Chris

Wanders the world of Japanese culture and library nerdiness.

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