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Why do Good People Suffer?

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“Why me?”

Everyone asks that time to time. Why do bad things happen to me?  Why do good people suffer? Well, this is actually just the sign of a closed mind. Consider the questions. Are events inherently bad? No. Are people inherently good or bad? No. Events are simply events. Bad or good are values we assign to an event or person. Even a terrible event  such as the death of a loved one can be a ‘good’ event if we shift our thinking in positive ways because of it.

The universe or God is not out to get us. They simply function according to a set of impartial laws: namely the law of cause and effect. Suffering is a direct effect of poor decision making and thinking. We throw a ball up in the air. Gravity pulls it back down. We decide to pay little attention when we drive. We have an accident. There is nothing mysterious about what happens in life. All events, all suffering, are dictated by the actions and thoughts of ourselves and others. An impulsive, undisciplined mind will suffer more than a disciplined aware mind. The aware mind is able to foresee effects and their causes. The impulsive mind just rushes ahead and triggers the traps. Afterward, it fails to see how it’s faulty thinking and decision making is the cause. Instead of just points the finger at God, Satan, the universe or to ‘karma.’ Such people lack understanding

That’s it. That is the reason why people suffer: the unaware decisions they and others make. A mind of compassion suffers less. It is aware of how it’s decisions can create suffering so works to reduce that impact. It also accepts suffering when it arises because of this understanding.

What type of mind do you have?

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