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Painful Moment, Learning Moment

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One morning at work I saw my old best friend and love. It’s funny how emotions overwhelm.  We all had such moments when love, fear, anxiety and pain plunge us into a furnace of suffering. It took me some time that morning to return to peace. However, those painful moments can be embraced by acknowledging the pain we feel.

“Breathing in, I see how much I hurt.”

“Breathing out, I let the pain go.”

“Breathing in, I realize all things must end.”

“Breathing out, I let them go.”

Even the most painful moments will pass. These painful moments also reveal how well we progress on the journey to find inner peace. That morning, I realized I am a loving person to still care for my old friend after so many years and difficulties. We learn the most about ourselves when we are in pain. It is an arrow directing us. If we find ourselves hating a person, we realize our practice is weak. We go to the doctor when we are in pain. Pain just tells us something is sick or hurt. Without it, we would never know when we need to see a doctor!

Of course, this is all well and good after the painful moment passes. We often can only take refuge in our core peace and breathing. It helps to put a name to the problem or source of pain.

“Breathing in, I realize I love her,”

“Breathing out, I let her go.”

“Breathing in, I realize this moment will pass”

“Breathing out, I let it go.”

Of course, it can take a while for the moment to pass. It just depends on how much karma (consequences for our decisions and actions) we have piled up. In my case, it took about two hours before I completely returned to my calm center. Partially this was because of work distractions. But the above meditations helped the painful moment become manageable and lose it’s sharpness within minutes.

When any type of painful moment strikes, take refuge in your true self, breathe, acknowledge  your emotions, and finally learn what pain has to teach.

Author: Chris

Wanders the world of Japanese culture and library nerdiness.

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